Our Services

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building and preserving it. It plays a pivotal role in the organization and effective transfer of family wealth from generation to generation. We control whether your asset structure is in relation to your needs.

Monitoring & Controlling

We eliminate the burden of continuous bank communication. We screen at all times whether the fees you pay are justified, all your transactions are valid, the dividends and distributions you receive are correct and we have constantly capitalized on market opportunities. It is vital for us, that the evolution of your portfolio fits your predefined goals at all times.


Switzerland has a liberal economic system. Government authorization is not usually needed for business activities. However, economic participants must meet regulatory requirements. We will assist you in planning the organization, processing and reporting of information.

Real Estate

We can offer you unique real estate investment opportunities in order to diversify your portfolio. Through a third party copartnership you profit from property and company management, analysis of new projects, cost controlling and tax efficient setups.

Third party advisory

We collaborate with top third-party advisors in order to provide you with comprehensive solutions for any needs concerning legal, taxation, real estate and business. Through our partnerships, we are able to handle any of your private and commercial needs.

Portfolio Management

We oversee, manage and control your global portfolio, minimizing risk and matching the investments to your aims. Our portfolio management process includes the establishment of the investment objectives, qualitative and quantitative screening of securities, selection and allocation of securities in line with the strategies predefined by the clients, along with continuous monitoring and re-balancing according to market conditions.


Even though we focus on a long-term diversification we are more than happy to execute trading orders for you at any given time. We continuously screen the market in order to generate outstanding trading ideas and provide a modular solution at the very highest level that will make you more agile on the market.


High net worth individuals hold assets that are diversified among several custodians, countries and currencies. As your wealth manager, we have the ability to construct an aggregated overview of all your financial assets and their performances. This is then the basis for a detailed quantitative and qualitative monthly reporting, which can be customized according to your needs and wishes. Thus, we are able to screen your risk exposure enabling you to see the full picture.

Personalized Reporting

Good decision-making requires timely, accurate and comparable data on investment performance. As we continuously review and analyze your portfolio, we are able to provide you with personalized reports in addition to the usual financial statements. As a client you receive investment reports with detailed performance and asset allocation data, performance analysis reports, as well as accounting views of asset statements and transactions. In addition, we continiously provide you with an analysis of your biggest positions in order to make your risk exposure tangible for you.

Research & Investment Insight

Through our close due diligence and cooperation with investment funds, banks or other financial institutions we have access to first-hand research material. We profit from holistic information gathering as we are not limited to internal research only. You profit from our knowledge base through sophisticated investment selection.